Baby Driver: On Second Thought Thursday

AT FIRST, I WAS LIKE: For all of the technical mastery that Edgar Wright displays here, Baby Driver slightly lacks in character. The romance between Ansel Elgort and Lily James isn’t given enough time to develop which makes their relationship seem too sudden. Baby Driver has a lot of great action and the soundtrack is killer but perhaps it’s the style that kept me at bay from actually getting to know the character of Baby.

BUT NOW I’M LIKE: After the fourth time watching it, it’s definitely sat better with me. The car chases are clean and slick and it really did enrapture me from a visual standpoint. I also think Jon Hamm is an absolute terror when he’s allowed to let loose. In a way, Jon Hamm’s character can be charming and welcoming but he’s also an unstoppable force. I also really love the aesthetic of all the bad guys having tattoos.

IN THE END, I’M JUST LIKE: I’ve come to accept that Baby Driver isn’t going to give me all the substance and character that I want, so I’m just going to focus on the stuff that does work: the action and the editing. Edgar Wright knows how to effectively maneuver the camera in a way that feels slick and natural and it’s present especially during the car chases. The character of Baby might not be the most interesting protagonist, but the world surrounding him is.

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