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What’s going on guys? Welcome to my first official blog post for The Cinebuff!

This blog is an offshoot of my Instagram account which is also titled “the_cinebuff.”

Danny Mendes (@the_cinebuff) • Instagram photos and videos

I’ve always had an interest in film, but it never manifested into much until the summer of 2014 which was when my love of cinema started to bloom. As I began my journey into film, I started to understand who I was and what my interests were. It was the summer of 2014 that brought me to the path I’m on now and it further solidified where my true passions lay.

I have quite a few aspirations with this blog. For one, I wish to refine my writing skills and further develop my own voice in film criticism. I also want to challenge myself and expand my tastes to films that are beyond my comfort zone; the only way to grow is to keep pushing beyond your limits. Finally, my wish is to possibly make this into a full-time career whether it be to write for a media company or to even create my own business from the ground up.

Here are a few things you can expect with The Cinebuff:

  • There will be film reviews posted on a weekly basis
  • I will discuss current events in the film world from time-to-time
  • A few posts will be opinion pieces related to the current state of films and film culture

I encourage reader interaction as it makes blogging more enjoyable. If you have a viewpoint that you agree or disagree with me on, feel free to make it known; this is an open space where all opinions are welcome.

I want this blog to not only inform readers on interesting films they need to watch, but I also want this blog to help me grow as a film critic. I still have so much to learn but as I continue to review films, my intent is to learn something new from each film that I watch.

I thank you all for taking this journey with me and I hope that we can all grow together!

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